Dale Collier & Nicole Monks
Manda Giwambang Warraal, 2020.

Installation with living soundscape
Mundubbera Grevillea, electro-conductive midi converter, alligator clips, analog synthesizer, soil and water.

An installation that uses living plant bio-data to generate a soundscape specific to the displacement of a young manda grevillea in a padded cell. Usually flowering in full sun and a well-drained soil, the Mundubbera grevillea struggles for life on this cold concrete floor. A sweet and adaptable native species, unearthed from Country, confined without sunlight, and connected by wires to the variables of systematic measurement. Entered in as a number, as an artwork, a new custodial relationship, in a place not a prison, with another context that compels protection, care, supervision and guarding... and water, and natural light. Manda Giwambang Warraal is an act of resistance and a contemporary response to the site. The work considers parameters for survival within the drastically altered context of confinement, without Country. In an entanglement with unfamiliar electrical currents and the historical narratives of displacement, disconnection and Indigenous incarceration, the moonlight Grevillea echoes defiantly.

Manda - Plant (Wajarri)
Giwambang – Moonlight 
Warraal – Echoes 
Manda Giwambang Warraal, 2020. Installation view in padded cell, The Lock-Up Contemporary Artspace, 2020